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13 Ways to Get More Facebook Followers and Likes in 2024


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“How to get followers on Facebook?”

It’s a simple, harmless question before you scream with frustration when you are not getting enough Facebook followers despite your best efforts.

And why would you not be? After all, anybody would be frustrated with a wrong approach and miss the opportunity to promote in front of 3 billion audiences.

Facebook algorithm prioritizes accounts or pages that have more likes and followers, and this information leads to some questions:

  • How to increase likes on Facebook pages?
  • How to gain Followers on Facebook?
  • What should be my Facebook-like campaign?

These questions drove us to go through extensive research, and we have finally decoded the mystery box. If you have opened this article, you are ready to take action before May Day.

We will show you how to grow Facebook followers with ease and well-crafted, proven tricks, and everything you need to know about the process. Let’s start.

Facebook followers vs. likes

“If you like our product, don’t forget to follow our page and hit the like button.”

You are probably familiar with the line. Any person or a page trying to build their Facebook presence used this line or use, whatever. Before promoting your business page, let’s find out about the differences.

Try to think of likes like acknowledgments and followers like interests. 

When someone likes your page, they are willing to stay connected with you and follow you by default.

Someone can follow your page without liking it if they find you interesting. They might hit the like button later on, but they are on the followers list right now.

Followers vs. Likes

Your followers will still get updates on your posts, but they are not just publicly connected. Though it’s always better to get Facebook followers and likes simultaneously.

But it’s a good start for building your presence to get followers on Facebook. The numbers strengthen your social credibility and authenticity.

Why should you care about Facebook followers and likes?

First of all, you need an audience to promote your content and make a sale. You can not obviously talk to yourself and make profits. You need real people to create engagements.

There are several important reasons to take the initiative to get Facebook followers and likes. This section will discuss that.

More Facebook followers means more engagement. 

When you start to get followers on Facebook, more people start to watch your posts, and they receive more information about your product or service, updates, promotional campaigns, and offers.

That serves the most important aspect of marketing: exposure. The more they see your post, the more you can establish yourself as a veteran seller for your niche, and people tend to like, share, and comment on the posts that have more reach.

But it becomes possible only when you get more followers on Facebook and create interactive posts. It’s crucial for the success of your business page.

Leverage Facebook’s algorithm

Let’s try to understand the mechanism of Facebook first. It is a feed-based platform where updates from the IDs and pages you follow keep coming like a stream.

Facebook followers are important because more followers increase Facebook likes, and its algorithm pushes your posts to the top of the users’ feed. The interrelation between likes and algorithms goes way back.

The first algorithm was based on likes and Facebook followers. Though the Facebook algorithm has evolved with time, one thing is for sure: followers come first when you are doing business.

Check our blog on Facebook marketing tips for small businesses if you are having a tough time to start with.

Boost credibility through social proof

Let’s start with a situation. You go to a shopping mall for the first time to buy your stuff, and you are confused when you are about to pay. So what would you do?

You would probably look for a place where people are lined up, right? That’s because human psychology leads us to follow where more people rush.

Facebook followers can be similarly influential for the new audience. If you get more followers on Facebook, you are killing two birds with one stone: getting more followers faster and building your credibility among new followers.

You can check out our blog on Facebook networking tips to boost your business.

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Is it right to buy Facebook Followers and likes?

If you ever thought to buy Facebook followers, hold your horses. First of all, it’s a big No. 

There are plenty of reasons for discouraging. Let’s start with the ethical conflict.

So, what does Facebook say about buying Followers and likes?

It’s a little bit ambiguous. Facebook doesn’t clearly say about the penalties for buying followers, but it also doesn’t say it won’t go after them. You should not play with odds.

Facebook followers and likes are essential for maintaining your social presence. We understand, but if you buy followers, you are missing two major points: Trust and Engagement.

The key benefit of social media marketing is the ease of building trust. If your existing and potential customers ever find out about buying Facebook followers, they will never turn back to you. Broken trust can not be easily fixed in social media marketing.

Now, let’s talk about the second point: Engagement. More followers mean more people are interested in your page, and more likes, comments, and shares should be there, right? 

But that’s not the case with fake followers, where most IDs are bots and inactive. Would you trust a page with loads of followers and almost no likes or comments? You would not; neither would your buyers.


How to get followers on Facebook and likes in 13 ways

Here comes the big section: how to gain followers on Facebook. The market is saturated; that’s true, but with a strategic approach, getting more Facebook followers is not hard.

We have accumulated 15 of the most practical, simple, and proven tricks to get Facebook followers. Let’s talk about them.

Build your follower persona

Let’s talk about the basics. To get followers on Facebook, you have to give them what they want to see. Of course, this requires extensive trial and error methods, but once you start to post, you will notice a pattern.

Not every type of content will get the desired reach. If you regularly track the performance of your posts, you will see one, two, or some content is getting more engagement than the other. That’s the content your target audience wants to see.

For starters, you can check up on your competitors and see their performances. Competitor analysis can provide valuable insights while all of you are targeting the same audience.

When you clearly grasp your audience’s demand, you can build a follower persona. This is extremely important for your social selling. Follower persona can help you develop a proper marketing strategy for product development and solidify your virtual presence.

Optimizing Facebook posts according to buyer persona

Check out our blog on social selling mistakes to avoid some unnecessary hassles.

Send invitations to like your page

It’s the simplest and easiest way to get followers on Facebook. Friends, family, co-workers, and familiar faces are ideal for sending invitations to like your page. Moreover, it’s a recommended method by Facebook itself.

Facebook will occasionally send you notifications asking you to invite more people to like your page. But keep one thing in mind: it’s a good practice to target your follower persona while sending out invitations after inviting friends and family.

Inviting Facebook friends to like your page.

Use an appropriate Facebook page URL

While setting up your page, make sure that the URL is customized. After all, you can’t expect to get followers on Facebook if your audience finds it difficult to find you.

Let’s look at these two Facebook page URLs:


Which one seems better? 2nd one, right?

So, always ensure that your URL contains your brand name, avoid unnecessary words or characters, and make sure that your URL looks professional and precise.

Embed your Facebook feed to your website

You heard us right. If you have an e-commerce site, make sure to embed your Facebook feed to your site. This can benefit you in several ways.

First of all, you can direct your website visitors to your page. Your business can appear on Google search, and your visitors might not know about your Facebook presence, but embedding Facebook feed can lead them to your profile, and you gain more followers.

When you embed a feed, it improves the visual attraction of your site and makes the audience stay longer. You will get a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate that way. It’s a two-way benefit for you.

Luckily, if your website is made with WordPress, you can easily embed it with a plugin. But there are plenty of Facebook plugins for WordPress in the repository, and it may be difficult to choose the most suitable one.

However, we have the best solution ready for you: WP Social Ninja, an all-in-one social media plugin.

WP Social Ninja: an all-in-one social media plugin

With this feature-rich plugin, you can embed Facebook feed, album feed, and Facebook events feed, and customize everything down to the last element.

Integrating a Facebook feed on your site only takes a few clicks. You can check out the Documentation to learn about the step-by-step integration process.

Not just that, WP Social Ninja provides multiple social media features and lets you collaborate with 30+ platforms. Simply take a look at the Feature page for details.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you design outstanding customer experiences.

Discover WP Social Ninja features

Optimize your profile

So far, have you noticed any pattern in our tips? 

If not, let us tell you. The mission is to make your profile, page, or group more visible and findable to figure out how to get Followers on Facebook. Following the pattern, now it’s time to talk about your About section.

While setting up your page, make sure to fill in all the basic information, like your business category, contact info, website, and other social media links. Then, write details about your business, goals, missions, and visions.

Optimizing the About section of a Facebook page

And don’t forget to add a relevant profile and cover photo. Make sure to highlight your brand and product/service.

Cover photo and profile picture of a Facebook page matched with the brand.

Pin up your special post 

Another great trick to increase Facebook followers is to shade lights on your special post. It’s normal that all of your posts would not perform the same, or there might be a special offer or discount going on.

You should ensure that your special post gets the maximum highlight, and you should pin up that post on your profile or page so that it appears in the Featured section.

Featuring special post

Keep up with Facebook trends

You will definitely attract and get more followers on Facebook if you can keep up with the latest trends. Trends are a particular type of content that carries maximum user engagement. In regular terms, they are known as viral content.

Facebook Reels are the fastest-growing format, and its algorithm pushes Reels videos forward more than any other type of content. Take advantage of that. Make short-term videos and follow the trends. You will definitely get maximum reach within a very short time span.

But be careful of some factors. Make sure that your trendy content follows your overall content strategy. Do not try to be viral with content that conflicts with your brand.

Consider cross-promotion

To get more followers on Facebook, you must consider promoting your content on different platforms. At this age, you should maintain several platforms to ensure maximum reach and catch audiences from different platforms.

And do not forget to promote your content on every platform. For say, someone found you on Instagram somehow and saw your post. But that individual feels more comfortable on Facebook.

Mentioning your Facebook profile on your post and profile should give them a chance to interact with you from your comfort zone and increase your brand visibility.

Influencer collaboration

Let’s agree with something: Influencers are the real masters of social media algorithms.

That’s true! Influencers are certain individuals who have a higher engagement rate and a clear idea of setting the trend, blending, and interacting with the audience in a personal way.

Influencer collaboration is getting more popular day by day. Many famous brands are shifting from old-school promotional stuff like billboards, posters, etc, to influencer collaboration.

Influencer collaboration can get followers on Facebook for your brand, and their endorsement carries the weight that can boost credibility and trust among the audience. If you can afford an influencer collaboration, you should definitely go for it.

Throw a competition and host a giveaway

Arranging any competition or any particular challenge is like a community gathering but in a virtual platform. And nothing can match the level of engagement than a competition or a challenge.

When more people engage with your challenge, it will boost the engagement rate of your page, and attract new followers for certain. And make sure that you offer a special gift or giveaway to the winner.

Even the most famous brands throw different challenges on special occasions, festivals, or after launching a new product. Engagement is one of the most successful organic methods to get followers on Facebook.

Have a look at this video that won the Go Pro Award arranged by the brand.

Run Facebook ads

The most obvious way to get followers on Facebook can be by running ad campaigns. Ad campaigns are dedicated to throwing your content and profile in front of the target audience set by yourself.

If you want to improve brand visibility, you can consider running Engagement ads. But any type of campaign would do the trick.

If the user takes an interest in your content, they will probably hit the like button and go through your profile, and you will get followers and likes.

But keep one thing in mind: Content is the king. Make sure to never compromise with quality.

Post frequently

Posting frequently is undoubtedly related to increasing Facebook followers. The mechanism is simple. The more you post, the more your brand will appear in front of your target audience.

Regularity is one of the key points behind Facebook’s algorithm, which provides plenty of posts and opportunities for new followers to interact. You should definitely leverage that for your brand.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Follow your competitors to get a hold of their content schedule
  • Join different groups to figure out more about your target audience
  • Bring out variety in your content schedule
  • Engage with your community and comment on valuable information in different groups
  • Schedule your content in advance
  • Post at the best time when your audience is more active
  • Look out for collaboration with other brands and tag them
  • Create your own Facebook group, build a community, and share your content there as well

Try out Facebook live

Facebook Live videos are great for going viral and creating mass engagement. Live can be a great way to generate tips and announce a new campaign or product if you are on a mission to build your community and niche.

Every Facebook Live video is stored in the Facebook Live Map. The more engagement you receive on your Live, the higher the chance you will appear on more people’s feeds.

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Key takeaway

Okay, here we are. If you have come this far, you should have a clear idea of how to get followers on Facebook. We have covered all the information you need for your growth on Facebook.

But we talked a lot and discussed many tips. You might feel puzzled by all the information. Don’t worry! We will summarize our discussion here in simpler terms.

  • Study the market and figure out about your audience, what they like, and how their personalities are
  • Invite your close people to like your page and join different groups
  • Embed your Facebook feed on your e-commerce site for maximum exposure
  • Optimize your page, provide basic information, and describe your business
  • Follow the trends and try to go with the flow
  • Stay active on different platforms and promote your posts there
  • Run a Facebook ad and, if possible, try to collaborate with Influencers
  • Host different competitions and offer a giveaway

Final words

Facebook has always been a powerhouse of social media marketing. With its massive audience, Facebook holds strong power for brand exposure and a higher conversion rate.

Hopefully, our tips will help you get followers on Facebook. But remember one thing: it takes time to build a community. Rome was not built in a day, either! The key is not to give up.

Be persistent and precise, and always ensure the maximum quality. We wish you all the best.

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