YouTube marketing tools for growing your channel

5 Must-Have YouTube Marketing Tools to Grow Your Channel in 2024


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“You can not catch a fish empty-handed!”

If you are trying to succeed with your YouTube marketing and not using the appropriate tools, then, my friend, you are trying to catch the fish empty handed!

With 2.49 billion active monthly users, YouTube is the second most visited website right after Google and obviously the biggest video-sharing platform!

Of course, you should be thinking of creating a YouTube channel and being tempted to catch the attention of such a huge audience with a video rendition of your amazing ideas!

We know you are amazing, but YouTube marketing is a battle royal, and you need help to win!

Luckily, there are plenty of powerful YouTube marketing tools that can help you with the fight, and we are here to help.

In this article, we will introduce you to the top five game-changing YouTube marketing tools that can magically level up your marketing strategy!

So, let’s dive in.

What are YouTube marketing tools?

YouTube marketing tools are the helping hands that guide you to create optimized and dedicated content for your channel.

That includes crafting the most appropriate content for your niche, presenting the content in front of the right audience, suggesting the most fitting keywords, designing catchy thumbnails, etc.

In short, YouTube marketing tools are your allies for outshining your competitors if used appropriately!

Five game-changing YouTube marketing tools

By now, we have cleared the basics of YouTube marketing tools.

In this section, we will introduce them to you so that you can craft captivating content that can stand out right in front of the right audience.

Without any further ado, let’s meet them!

WP Social Ninja (YouTube marketing tool for WordPress)

WP Social Ninja is the most amazing social media plugin to integrate YouTube feeds into any WordPress website.

WP Social Ninja (YouTube marketing tool for WordPress)

Now, you might wonder why we are talking about WordPress YouTube plugins in the list of YouTube marketing tools! Okay, that’s understandable, so let us make logical reasonings for you!

The main purpose of YouTube marketing is to present your content in front of the right audience, right? But that’s hard on YouTube, where tons of videos are being uploaded, and it’s easy to be lost in the tide!

However, your WordPress website is different. If you are maintaining an individual site for your business, you are already putting in efforts to reach the right audience, and your visitors are your niche.

Presenting your YouTube videos right in front of them is undoubtedly the best way to attract the right people!

Moreover, YouTube displays suggested videos on the right side, and it’s pretty normal for the audience to get distracted and start watching something else!

A YouTube feed on your website can keep visitors on the right track! Additionally, when visitors are free from distractions, they will stay on your site longer, improving its health and increasing watch hours on YouTube.

You will need a perfect plugin to get all these advantages, and we cannot help but think of anything but WP Socia Ninja for embedding YouTube channels for your WordPress website.

Actually, integrating YouTube feeds is just a single feature. This super social plugin lets you collaborate with 30+ platforms and is packed with features like social reviews, chat widgets, notification popups, and custom testimonials.

Here’s what WP Social Ninja has to offer as a YouTube marketing tool:

  • You can connect multiple and create different types of feeds. That includes your YouTube playlist, live streams, custom feeds based on specific posts, and more.
  • Multiple layouts and templates are available to choose from the most suitable one. Pick one that matches your brand voice.
  • Advanced filter options are available to order, sort, or hide posts based on your needs.
  • You can personalize the fetched content. For example, you can choose different play moods, like what you would want to happen when a visitor clicks on the video.
  • You can use the style options to customize your template down to the last elements. That includes typography, background, spacing, and much more.


WP Social Ninja offers multiple pricing plans starting from $44 per year after a discount.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you in designing outstanding customer experiences.

Demo image

Canva (YouTube marketing tool for Thumbnail creation)

You only get one chance to make a first impression! In terms of YouTube marketing, thumbnails are the frontier for creating a good impression and luring them to watch your video.

So now, meet Canva, the easiest YouTube marketing tool for designing impressive and beautiful thumbnails for your content.

Canva (YouTube marketing tool for Thumbnail creation)

This ready-to-use platform has more than 250k+ free templates and tons of elements and styling features for creating beautiful graphics. But if you are a premium subscriber, you can access even more templates and elements.

Suppose you are not a veteran designer or not in a situation to hire any veterans but are concerned about the looks and quality of your thumbnails. In that case, Canva is an excellent choice with its super-friendly interface!

Here’s what Canva has to offer as a YouTube marketing tool:

  • Easily create eye-catching thumbnails and create content for your ads with its ready-to-go design features.
  • Customize any selected template with its vast collection of elements, stock pictures, and animations.
  • Create your unique brand voice with its drag-and-drop interface to make your production flow faster ensuring a higher quality.


Canva offers multiple pricing plans starting from $55 per year.

Semrush (YouTube marketing tool for keyword research)

As the saying goes, “Right people will take you to the right places.” So, to make sure that your content is reaching out to the right people, you must use the right keywords.

In this section of YouTube marketing tools, we will introduce you to Semrush, a top-notch keyword research tool.

Semrush (YouTube marketing tool for keyword research)

It’s important to talk in the language of your audience, to understand their tone, and to understand how they learn and research the products or services they need.

Semrush will provide you with necessary information like the difficulties of the keyword, search intent, associated keywords, and more so that you can optimize your content’s description and create a solid approach with your marketing strategies fitting your brand and audiences’ demands!

Here’s what Semrush has to offer as a YouTube marketing tool:

  • Get valuable ideas about your industry-related keywords with the search intent. Search intent means whether people are searching this information for commercial purposes, conversional purposes, or simply knowledge purposes.
  • It is a great tool for competitor analysis. You can easily research the targeted keywords of your competitors and come up with your own strategy. You can even keep track of their performance with estimated data.
  • It provides a topic research option that will help you organize your content scheduling according to market or industry trends.


Semrush has several pricing plans starting from $139.95 per month.

BuzzSumo (YouTube marketing tool for content research)

Relevancy is important for your marketing success. You can possibly sell cat food to a person who doesn’t own a cat, right?

So now, we will talk about a YouTube marketing tool that can help you understand which contents work better for your audience. Let’s meet BuzzSumo!

BuzzSumo (YouTube marketing tool for content research)

Once you have completed your keyword research, BuzzSumo can help you generate content ideas based on them. This YouTube marketing tool can track the performance of your content and provide analytics to keep track!

Moreover, this amazing tool can help you find the right influencer for your collaboration and help you gain better engagement and visibility.

Here’s what BuzzSumo has to offer as a YouTube marketing tool:

  • This tool can provide a deeper understanding of the algorithm of YouTube. Once you understand the platform better, you can naturally come up with a better content strategy.
  • You can easily discover the top-performing content in your industry, which can help you create more relevant content for your niche.
  • BuzzSumo can help you keep up to date with the market trends. This feature can be a solid guideline for making content that meets the demand of the audience and stays ahead of your competitors.


BuzzSumo has multiple pricing plans starting from $199 per month.

Bonus Tips: If you are struggling with content ideas for your channel, here are some effective YouTube video ideas to help you get started.

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Biteable (YouTube marketing tool for professional-looking videos)

What looks good seems good! It is important to make your content look more professional and stunning if you want to attract and impress your audience.

The following YouTube marketing tool can help you to create stunning and amazing videos with its vast collection of footage and animation. Let’s meet Biteable!

Biteable (YouTube marketing tool for professional-looking videos)

Biteable is a different kind of YouTube marketing tool! With its high-end video footage and animations, you can make your videos more professional-looking and sharp!

It will naturally drive more engagement when your content quality is on the top of the game and you will start to get more subscribers.

Here’s what Bitebale has to offer as a YouTube marketing tool:

  • You can access millions of stock images and clips to create attractive and professional videos for your channel. You can even take ideas from its huge collection of customizable templates.
  • Biteable is really easy to use, and its interface is quite user-friendly. You can give your videos a sharper appearance within a few clicks, and you can even add custom watermarks.
  • You can add call-to-action (CTA) buttons and track your video performance with its built-in analytics option.


Biteable has multiple pricing plans starting from $180 per year.

Wrapping up

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the best platforms on this planet for presenting your brand. Video contents provide more information than any other format.

Establishing your presence and attracting the right audience may often seem hard and tiring, but things get better when you are accompanied by the right YouTube marketing tools.

If you have come this far, we have introduced you to all the necessary platforms you will need to succeed with your YouTube marketing campaign. Now, it’s your turn to win the battle! Cheers!

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