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How to Collect Honest Feedback That Builds Your Business


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More than 75% of respondents believe that honest feedback is really valuable. Because humans aren’t usually independent thinkers when it comes to choosing alternatives.

We depend heavily on honest feedback, social reviews, or customer insights to help us make the right choices, whether purchasing a concert ticket or a significant item like a smartphone.

Honest customer reviews can also give useful information on enhancing your store and products to boost sales.

To start, you must know the benefits and practices that effectively include gathering great customer feedback and highlighting it smartly and creatively.

In this post, we’ll discuss the following.

What is honest feedback?

The term honest feedback describes helpful information or criticism about prior work or action. It could be positive or negative for your business. This kind of feedback works in the form of a customer handbook.

Here, they love to use that information to decide on their current or future actions. Honest feedback arises when a good condition responds to a behavior or action.

Why is honest feedback good for business?

The most successful companies recognize the importance of customer feedback or reviews. They believe that honest feedback can push your business to be more diversified way rather than other competitors.

That’s why you should make an effort to hear what your clients have to say. It may be favorable or even negative, but you should never stop doing so.

Reviews are beneficial for businesses for the following reasons:

  • Making your goods and services better to satisfy their wants
  • Evaluate the buyer’s happiness
  • Serves as social evidence and credibility for your website
  • Create customer loyalty and retention
  • Make the trustworthy grounds for customer reviews

7 reasons why honest feedback are important

Online customer feedback has given rise to a new area of marketing and communication. Let’s take a step back and start reading some reasons highlighting the importance of customer honest feedback for your business.

You may be already on board, trying to gather customer feedback about the kind of service you provide and responding to the insightful feedback of your customers.

Increases profits

Building customer trust through reviews has another benefit. In fact, it directly affects your customers’ conversion rates, increasing profits. In search engine results, review stars and feedback can boost profits.

Excellent customer reviews tend to inspire additional reviews. In other words, if you effectively keep your consumers satisfied, they’ll essentially do most of your advertising for you and your brand. This process will bring new clients and increases profit.

Increase credibility

Credibility is an essential component for online or e-commerce sites. Who hasn’t worried whether the purchased item will reach its intended target? Is this business trustworthy in this regard?

These uncertainties can be prevented if we gather or collect relevant customer feedback. As a result, it will increase the credibility of the business.

Rank higher on search engine result

Reviews and ratings influence a company’s search engine ranking. The ranking criteria that affect local search rankings. They discovered that online reviews could influence a website’s ranking on Google and in organic local search results.

Collecting reviews is the fifth highest-rated element for getting a business featured on Google if a local business wishes to rank higher on the search engine. So collect customer-oriented feedback if you want to rank higher.

Increase social proof

We have always been social beings since we arrived on this planet. Even we are always curious about what other people have to say before we make a purchase. Honest feedback allow us to do this online with a few clicks. It also suggests how we would ask friends and family for recommendations.

Take effective business decision

Customer reviews are the most reliable source of information. It will help in business decision-making. You get to know the customers’ requirements through feedback.

Before making decisions, you don’t need to perform much research. It is simple to be influenced by these comments. Customer feedback identifies the adjustments that can increase sales because it is a business’s primary goal.

One review generates more reviews

It motivates additional customers to post their reviews when a company has already earned positive feedback. New customers appear to be sufficiently motivated to offer their own feedback.

Online customer evaluations seem a great way to attract customers and boost revenue. Additionally, it is encouraging as their significance grows and more businesses enter the market.

Increase customer loyalty

Customers who spend the time to write a review for your company are much more likely to experience brand loyalty.

It enables customers to feel about your products or services. Because they have a voice behind a laptop, smartphone, or tablet screen. Moreover, it can provide information in a rewarding way by exiting a review and developing a connection with the brand.

How to collect and display honest feedback

There is no doubt that every business wants to be successful. However, several factors play a significant role in whether they are successful or not. Therefore, it’s crucial to regularly assess how satisfied your consumers are.

That’s why you must collect and display customer reviews to keep track of everything. This post is about efficiently gathering honest feedback from your clients. There are different WordPress review or feedback plugins available in the market.

There are two major plugins that are the most trusted and user-friendly among all the existing customers: WP Social Ninja and Fluent Forms. Today we will discuss only these two major components.

Let’s begin straight away!

WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja is the “All in One solution” for most of your effective social media needs. Using this plugin, you can hook up your accounts across various social networks, collect customer reviews on your website, interact with visitors, and much more.

The best part is that the WP Social Ninja has robust features. And using the awesome features or methods, you can easily collect and display your customer feedback. The following methods are:


A testimonial effectively serves as a client review or recommendation, letting others know how your goods or services benefitted them. Customer testimonials can accept many different forms, but their main purpose is always to highlight how amazing your brand is.

Honest feedback: My Testimonial

Approximately 92 percent of individuals will check customer reviews when thinking about making a purchase. Moreover, an additional 88 percent say they trust online evaluations equally as much as they suggest a friend or relative.

So if you want to collect and show your testimonial to your site visitors, then the testimonial feature may be one of the best options. Generating and collecting the testimonial is very easy and simple here. You can follow the documentation section for the Testimonial configuration process.

Social reviews

Reviews support influencing the thousands of customers who want a second opinion before making a purchase. This is a crucial feature if you’re looking to generate more customer engagement.

Before you ask if social media reviews would sufficiently impact conversions, you should know that WP Social Ninja doesn’t just pull reviews from social media. It also increases the awareness level of your customer and boosts revenue.

Moreover, you can display your reviews from other non-social media platforms like Google Business Profile, Amazon, Airbnb, AliExpress, and The ability to combine all of your reviews from several platforms in one location is another incredible feature.

Custom reviews

Are you searching for a plugin to help gather WordPress custom reviews on your website? Custom Review is an excellent method to attach social proof to your website, whether you add customer reviews to your products or services.

WP Social Ninja: Custom reviews

Here, the custom review feature helps you collect all the customer reviews and show them on your website in your way.

Fluent Forms

It goes without saying that the most effective strategy to engage your clients is to display honest feedback or review on your website.

However, you can now aggregate user reviews and show them on your WordPress website. You only need to link Fluent forms to WP Social Ninja, then sit back and watch its magic.

Additionally, you may manually manage or collect the feedback and reviews from your dashboard and approve or disapprove certain reviews that you don’t want to appear on your website.

After integrating Fluent forms with WP Social Ninja, you can quickly develop and adjust a template properly. You can select the number of reviews you wish to display, and hand-selected reviews by company, name, category, and specific header settings. Create and decorate the template as you choose.

Final words for honest feedback

Earning honest customer feedback is crucial, and we have demonstrated how to put online customer reviews on your websites. It is time to start boasting about all the wonderful things your clients have to say and attract more people into your business.

Please specify any more ways you are using for collecting customer honest feedback in the comments section below if I may have missed them.

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