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Social Media for Small Business (Success Stories & Tips)


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You just heard one of your friends/competitors won his marketing success with the social media small business strategies. What’s the first thing that would come to your mind?

We know the answer! From curiosity, you would like to research on how they’ve done it. And it’s simply like, just the moment we see someone’s getting results with a strategy, we get the inspiration, a motivation of moving forward.

Especially when you’re a social media marketer and failing on your social media hacks for small businesses!

Well, forget about the fear and all the failures. Get yourself prepared with the success stories and the winning strategies to revamp your social media journey. The whole reading will definitely bring a boost to your social media marketing for small businesses, Fingers crossed!

5 Motivating social media success stories

You know what? Whether it’s a small business or a big brand people are getting social media advantages from social media marketing more specifically social media advertisement and making revenues each year.

Where the vast majority are using social media, around 4.9 billion people worldwide, apparently its become a necessity to stand out the businesses through social media and setting examples for social media advertising success stories.

We’ll dig into the details later. But first, let’s take some inspiration from others who are already creating the buzz!

1. Maruti Suzuki: Strategic Instagram branding

Maruti Suzuki would be one of the best examples of accelerated its success on Instagram through a strategic collaboration with creators from the “Born on Instagram” initiative. Running a dynamic campaign with 15-second video ads, the creators showcased Maruti Suzuki’s SUVs against glamorous backdrops, emphasizing enhanced features like improved cameras and stylish taillights.

The creators, with their charm, expanded Maruti Suzuki’s audience horizon beyond the norm. Marked as Paid partnerships, the ads beckoned viewers to a dedicated Grand Vitara haven. The magic continued as creator tales transformed into a diverse tapestry of video ads across Instagram’s realms – feed, Stories, and Reels, capturing the imagination of Indian men, aged 25–54, intrigued by the world of automobiles.

In the aftermath, a fable of success echoed through a brand lift study, revealing a surprising 4.5-point improvement in brand awareness. From July 21 to August 20, 2022, Maruti Suzuki’s Instagram saga stood as a testament to the art of strategic storytelling in the digital age.

Key strategies:

  1. Maruti Suzuki strategically partnered with Instagram creators, leveraging their influence to align with the brand narrative.
  1. The 15-second video ad that they smartly deployed across various Instagram platforms to enhance its campaign’s widespread visibility.
  1. Their target audience range was 25–54, interested in vehicles, measuring success through a 4.5-point brand awareness lift.

The outcome:

Maruti Suzuki’s collaboration with Instagram creators resulted in a significant 4.5-point boost in brand awareness. Through strategic storytelling and diverse placements, including personal accounts, Stories, and a dedicated landing page, the campaign showcased the brand’s ability to engage and resonate with a broader audience beyond its usual scope.

2. Milk Makeup: Gripping success of beauty & sales through TikTok

In the vibrant world of TikTok, Milk Makeup crafted a compelling narrative to boost awareness and drive sales for its Hydro Grip Primer. With a mission rooted in clean beauty and self-expression, Milk Makeup aimed to amplify its presence on TikTok, a platform it had already embraced since 2022.


Be the first to shop our NEW! Hydro Grip + Glow holiday gift set, available now on the @sephora app! What’s it got? Two makeup-gripping MVPs. One collectible makeup bag. All for $40. Grab it before it’s gone 😮‍💨 Happy shopping 🛍️ #holidayshopping #giftideas #milkmakeup

♬ original sound – Aiden Kroll

The challenge was clear: power awareness to skyrocket sales at Sephora. How did they do it? Milk Makeup embarked on a comprehensive traffic campaign, strategically placing ads in TopFeed and InFeed to ensure widespread exposure. Steering the ship was the renowned beauty creator, Jackie Aina, whose Spark Ads became the guiding light, educating and enticing users to explore the Hydro Grip Primer on

While showcasing a variety of products, the spotlight was firmly on the Hydro Grip Primer. The TikTok team’s recommendation to conduct a Brand Lift Study added an extra layer of insight. With compelling content, strategic moves, and genuine participation in trends, Milk Makeup not just grabbed the attention of beauty lovers but skillfully traversed the TikTok terrain, making a significant mark on the awareness of Hydro Grip Primer and driving up sales at Sephora.

Key Strategies:

  1. Their first hit TikTok strategy was the collaboration of the top creator. By partnering with a well-known influencer on the platform, Milk Makeup aimed to connect authentically with the TikTok community and enhance the awareness of its product.
  1. Milk Makeup smartly boosted sales with a broad-reaching TikTok campaign, guiding users through upper-funnel placements to Sephora.
  1. As they wanted to assess the impact of their marketing efforts, they showed their commitment by using data to understand how well their campaigns work by doing a Brand Lift Study.

The outcome:

Milk Makeup’s TikTok efforts delivered impressive outcomes, increasing traffic to Sephora with a 6.61% engagement rate and surpassing Spark ads benchmarks. The Brand Lift Study highlighted a 13.9% ad recall lift and 3.9% familiarity boost, indicating the resonance of their creative approach.

Going forward, Milk Makeup plans to maintain a strong TikTok presence, exploring innovative solutions and continually testing strategies for the best audience connection.

3. Watchfinder & Co.: Strategic journey on Facebook

Watchfinder & Co., well-known in pre-owned luxury watches, explored into the world of artificial intelligence using Advantage+ shopping campaigns on Facebook.

Recognized globally for their expertise and partnerships with brands like Rolex and Cartier, Watchfinder & Co., founded in 2002, wanted to boost their sales. Scott Naylor, the Paid Media Manager, led the charge by testing Meta’s AI capabilities.

Advantage+ shopping campaigns became a crucial strategy, helping them reach new audiences and improve sales. To assess the potential, they conducted a strategic A/B test. The story revolves around their exploration of advanced technology, aiming to connect with a wider audience and strengthen their position in the luxury watch industry.

Key strategies:

  1. Watchfinder & Co. utilized Facebook’s Advantage+ campaigns, diverse ad formats through machine learning for improved performance and personalization.
  1. The team conducted A/B tests, comparing Advantage+ shopping campaigns to usual catalogue ads, measuring conversions, cost per purchase, and ROI.
  1. They prioritized new customer discovery and sales growth with Advantage+ shopping campaigns, targeting a broader audience for stable inquiries.

The outcome:

Watchfinder & Co.’s Facebook campaign success is evidence to their strategic brilliance. From February 15 to March 31, 2023, their A/B test showcased extraordinary outcomes: a 30% reduction in cost per purchase, a whopping 40% rise in purchase volume, and an impressive 2.1X higher return on ad spend.

This success story is more than just numbers; it’s a journey of innovation and intelligent choices, proving that the right strategies can transform digital landscapes and elevate brands to new heights!

4. William Painter’s YouTube success: A 10x boosts in 3 months

William Painter is a brand renowned for its exceptional sunglasses, offering timeless style and quality craftsmanship for the modern trendsetter.

When they tried video marketing through YouTube, in just three months, William Painter pulled off something amazing. They got 15 times more people visiting their website and 13 times more people buying their sunglasses!

How was that possible? Well, selling sunglasses online can be tricky, but they figured out a smart way. They used YouTube’s TrueView for action ads to show off their sunglasses and tell a cool story. By making videos that were real and funny, one of them became super popular with over 65 million views!

This didn’t just get more people to know about them; it also made lots of customers want to buy from William Painter. YouTube turned out to be a magic tool that made their business grow big and successful!

Key Strategies:

  1. William Painter used YouTube’s TrueView for action ads strategically, globally showcasing sunglasses, and effectively communicating product quality and style.
  1. They created engaging videos, blending cool and funny storytelling authentically, a strategy that resonated, leading to viral success with 65 million views.

The outcome:

William Painter’s YouTube marketing achieved outstanding results, boasting a 1,500% boost in website visitors, a substantial 1,300% increase in conversions, and an impressive 13x year-over-year sales revenue.

This transformative success reflects the brand’s effective use of TrueView for action ads and authentic storytelling, which made them become a top player in the sunglass market.

5. AQUA Indonesia and Twitter: Connecting communities with hydration reminders

In a brilliant quest to keep Indonesians happily hydrated, AQUA realized they needed to make sipping water a daily joy. So, they teamed up with Twitter, becoming hydration buddies for the whole nation.

With the #AQUADULU (Aqua First) campaign, AQUA and Twitter sent friendly ‘Hydration Reminders’ twice a day, making sure everyone stayed refreshed during Ramadan. They kicked off with a big splash, taking over Twitter on the first day of Ramadan, creating a buzz.

As the days unfolded, influencers joined the party, reminding folks to sip and stay healthy. Such was the success that AQUA decided to make every day a hydration celebration, sending reminders at breakfast, after work, and whenever a sip was due. AQUA and Twitter – a dynamic duo keeping hydration cool and daily!

Key strategies:

  1. With Branded Notifications, AQUA creatively connected with Indonesians during key cultural and daily moments, making hydration personal.
  1. AQUA utilized Twitter Takeovers on significant days like the first day of Ramadan and Eid, maximizing awareness and excitement.
  1. Leveraging influencers, AQUA not only educated but also created a meaningful connection, emphasizing the importance of staying hydrated daily.

The outcome:

AQUA Indonesia’s ‘Hydration Reminders’ campaign achieved phenomenal results, getting 128 million impressions and securing the #1 share of voice on Twitter.

With an overwhelmingly positive sentiment of 85%, the campaign successfully engaged 39,000 individuals with its timely and meaningful “Hydration Reminders,” making a significant impact on promoting healthy hydration habits.

We have another blog on social media success stories about renowned brands almost we heard about, you can give a read: 5 Must-Read Social Media Success Stories

5 Social media tips for business

Heard about the stories. Now what? Implement the strategies that will capture the market and help you make another success story!

Additionally, add the most important tips on social media for small businesses in your list. Here are the top 5 strategies:

  1. Plan your content

Small businesses frequently fails on social media by improvising their posts. Daily improvisation may seem easy, but it’s actually more time-consuming and stressful. Creating a social media content calendar is the smart move.

While you’re planning, take a look at the blog on: The Secret of Affordable Social Media Marketing for Small Business

It will help you plan in advance, preventing last-minute chaos. With a calendar or scheduling app, you can think ahead and mix up your content- blog posts, images, infographics, and more. When building it, jot down the content type, posting date, social network, content link, a short description, post copy, and any essential links, tags, or hashtags.

  1. Use social media management tool

Imagine effortlessly placing your social media content in your website, seamlessly present them with easy customization, and real-time tracking- all in one place. Introducing WP Social Ninja, the ultimate social media solution for your business.

WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja crafts a stress-free social media experience, helping you engage your audience without the hassle. With user-friendly controls and a touch of magic, managing your social presence becomes a breeze.

Embed social media feeds from 3+ social platforms, social reviews from 10+ social channels like Facebook, Airbnb, WooCommerce and more. Add chat widgets from 15+ social channels and get many more premium features like Notification Popup, Testimonials and so on.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you design outstanding customer experiences.

Discover WP Social Ninja features

  1. Commit to community management

Beyond just cool posts, nailing social media for small businesses means diving into community management. It’s like building a cozy hangout spot with your customers online. That involves replying to comments, tackling questions, and mingling with customers on social media.

Think of it as an extra dose of customer service where you chat with your audience as much as they chat with you. The result? A community that feels tied to your brand, turning them into loyal, repeat customers. Plus, it’s not just about being social; it helps your posts pop up more in people’s feeds thanks to social media algorithms.

  1. Pay attention to trends

Don’t go only meme-crazy, but keeping an eye on social media trends is gold. Knowing what folks are into when they log in helps you craft spot-on content that lasts. Social listening is a cool trick.

Set up a stream for mentions of your brand on social channels. It’s like eavesdropping (in a good way!)- you catch what your audience wants. Quick responses to comments and reviews keep you on the ball. Think of it as a sneak peek into what people are saying about your business in the social chatter!

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  1. Sell products on social

Social media isn’t just for chatting; it’s a bustling marketplace! Social commerce, the cool kid on the block, lets you sell stuff straight from your social channels. It’s not just a trend; it’s a booming business, set to hit a whopping $492 billion globally in 2022.

Every social platform wants in- Facebook Shops, Instagram Shops, Pinterest Buyable Pins, even TikTok’s got a Shop! Small businesses in the selling game, this one’s for you. It’s like magic—your customers are already scrolling, so no website detours. Catch them where they are, and watch those sales roll in!

About selling online, you have the vast opportunities to get your revenues. If you use WP Social Ninja, you can easily introduce and sell your online products through the Shoppable Instagram Feed and boost your sales.

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Wrapping up

Social media and the advantages of social media is limitless. So when you’re going to run a social media campaign, make sure you have a clear vision and purpose that can yield fantastic results.

The above-mentioned brand success stories showcase the power of careful planning, collaboration, and a sprinkle of creativity in achieving marketing goals. We hope their achievements inspire you to harness the potential of social networks, creating a stellar record of customer engagement for your own brand!

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So, what’s your story of social media for small business? Or is there any remarkable success story you want to share with us?

Let us know through the comment section. We are all ears!

Besides, don’t forget to follow the tips the social media for small business to hold on a constant growth of your social media success. Follow us for more marketing tips and tricks and stay connected with our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


What is social media for small business?

Social media for small business defines the social media marketing that allows a business to build its own image through brand awareness, customer relationships and the online selling throughout the social platforms.

How can small businesses use social media effectively?

Small businesses are scoring big wins on social media. These platforms provide a playground for small businesses to chat with customers, boost product awareness, and even carve out a unique brand personality among their target audience. Social media isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer, helping businesses connect, shine a spotlight on their products, and showcase their individual flair to the right crowd.

What social media accounts should a small business have?

There are so many social media channels where you can promote your brand depending on your business criteria and audience. You can start from the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn . To know more about what social media platforms are best for business, read the blog on: Which is The Best Social Media Platform for Your Business?

What business can I start on social media?

If you plan to run social media campaigns, stepping into the role of a social media advertising specialist is an excellent fit. Specializing in social media ad campaigns enables you to guide brands in reaching precisely the right audience with impactful messages. You can show your expertise by ensuring brands connect effectively with their target audience through strategic and compelling advertising efforts.

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