7 Winning Strategies for Social Media Integration on Website (Best Tool & Examples)

Social media integration on website

Do you know that you can integrate social media into your WordPress website without having any coding knowledge?

It’s obvious to have social media handles and run a business promotion on them. We believe you’re one of the 76% of businesses that use social media as their marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is all about creating buzz around. And when you properly put it on your business website, consider yourself the rockstar among the crowd!

Yes! Thighs might seem complicated, but it’s as much easier as you do it with your social media platforms. So, let’s grab a coffee and enjoy it with a good read:

What is social media integration on website?

Have you ever thought of your Facebook posts being scrolled right from your website? It could be not only Facebook posts but also your Instagram posts, YouTube videos, and others.

And that’s where the term social interaction through a website comes from when you use your marketing strategy with social media and your business website. It’s like a bridge to reach a wider audience through social media from your website.

So, are you managing your social media according to the right strategy? Well, you can’t say it’s going on the right track or moving forward with a complete solution until you update your website with social integration. 

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However, keep reading to learn more about linking social media to websites;

7 Best Social media integration on website examples

You can integrate your social media on your WordPress website differently. We got you the most effective ways you will love to try!

Let’s dive right in;

1. Embed UGC on the website

When it comes to establishing social proof, user-generated content stands out as a powerful element, adding a layer of authenticity and engagement to your website.

User-generated content takes on various forms, whether in the form of photos or videos that capture genuine feedback from real-life individuals. Undoubtedly, their experiences with your services or products have the potential to give your sales a significant boost.

If you want to build trust, displaying UGC is the best way to clarify how genuine your business is. As user-generated content serves as a visual representation of your product, it also demonstrates various ways people use and benefit from it.

With WP Social Ninja, integrating UGC is easy and quick. It will allow you to embed social feeds from various platforms where your users talk about you, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can filter your feed with specific words, hashtags or categories that display your user-generated content.

2. Add reviews from multiple social platforms

Next, how can you highlight the social media integration on a website? You can make your website more reliable and open by adding review widgets that gather feedback from different social platforms! 

The review widget is like a lively display with reviews and ratings from places like Facebook, Google Business Profile, and other review sites. Instead of checking many places, visitors can see all kinds of opinions in one spot, giving them a good overall idea of your reputation. 

Social integration on website example - Google reviews template
Social integration on website example – Google reviews template

To make this social integration on your website accessible, WP Social Ninja has 10+ social review platforms to integrate your social reviews on your WordPress website.

Bring the best reviews, organize them with your favorite template and layout types, and keep the reviews shining on your website!

You can find more on this blog: How to Add Social Reviews on Your WordPress Website (Easiest Way)

3. Embed social posts on website

Social media posts, where you regularly or occasionally post to promote your business. But when you bring them to your website, it adds a spark to your social proof.

Besides showcasing your products, you can also showcase the authenticity you gain through user interactions. 

Instagram feed - Social media integration on website example
Instagram feed – Social media integration on website example

For example, a widely used social media platform, Instagram, is used for its visual presentation, which could be a multiple-image showcasing option. Next, Facebook is good for showcasing products with images or video posts. And lastly, YouTube videos, or livestreams, are the source for presenting your products in different ways.

How about bringing them all to the website? You have WP Social Ninja, where you can get all those features to embed your social media posts on the website. And this won’t require you to have any coding knowledge; you can customize your feeds with your favorite templates, styles and advanced settings.

4. E-commerce integration

Except for Facebook and Instagram, which e-commerce platform do you use to sell your products? It could be Amazon, Flipkart or any other platform.

But have you ever thought about integrating e-commerce into your website?

Shoppable Instagram Feed
Shoppable Instagram Feed

When you enable e-commerce integration on your website, you can make it easier for people to purchase products right from your website. And this will lead you to get more sales and boost your business.

When you use WP Social Ninja, this e-commerce integration is easy. With its Shoppable Instagram Feed, you can connect your product pages or site. That’s how you’re not only introducing people to your products; you can also take them to your e-commerce store!

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5. Add Testimonials on website

Adding nice words from people who liked your stuff on your website can make a big difference.

When you put your customers’ feedback from users on your site through Testimonial Widgets, it shows that your stuff is good and people can trust it. 

Social integration on website example - Testimonial
Testimonial on website

It’s like telling a friend about a cool thing you tried and liked. Sharing good experiences helps others feel sure about your products or services. 

Whether you share it using only the quotes or with pictures and details, it’s a way to let everyone know that people like what you offer. This sharing makes your brand look good and makes people want to check out more on your website. 

Make beautiful and eye-catching testimonials with WP Social Ninja. Display your Testimonials on your site with a carousel or grid layout, user details & ratings; and customize them with your preferred styles!

For details, read our blog on: How to Add Beautiful Testimonials in WordPress Websites (2024)

6. Run campaigns with hashtag feeds

Making your website fun with hashtag feeds is an intelligent way to connect with your audience.

Imagine having a collection of cool pictures and stories from social media right on your site. These feeds come from places like Instagram and Facebook, showing off what people say and do with a particular hashtag related to your brand. 

Run campaigns with hashtag feeds
Hashtag feeds – WP Social Ninja

It’s like a big, interactive album made by your customers. Using these hashtag feeds for campaigns is like running exciting events. Whether it’s a contest, a new product launch, or a themed event, asking people to join in with a specific hashtag makes everyone feel involved and pumped up. 

These special feeds make your website look lively and connected. With WP Social Ninja, filter your feeds with, trendy hashtags, run hashtag campaigns, and boost user engagement.

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7. Connect customers with social media

Is that all about social media integration on the website? No, you cannot actually make it complete unless you’re making it easy for customers to talk with you on your website.

Using social chat widgets is an incredible way to get them involved. These little chat boxes let people talk to your brand right there on your site, like using Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. When you add these chat features to your website, it becomes a friendly place where customers can ask questions, find out about products, or share their thoughts. 

Connect with multiple social chat platforms by WP Social Ninja - Social Integration example
Connect with multiple social chat platforms by WP Social Ninja

It’s like having a direct line to help them out. This quick connection makes customers feel like you’re there for them and adds a personal touch to how you talk with them. Overall, this friendly connection boosts your online presence and links your website and social media together, making a happy space for good talks with customers.

Use WP Social Ninja and add your favorite social chat widget from 15+ social channels. Customize your chat box and make the social integration on the website easily!

Final note

And, that’s all! If you’re planning to integrate social media into your website, I hope you have the right maps.

We also hope you enjoyed this reading with your coffee too!

Now, instead of stressing over other complicated tricks, just go with the steps mentioned above and get clever with WP Social Ninja. It’s time to keep it simple and make your website stand out!

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