8 Best Facebook Plugins for WordPress: Your Cross-promotion Companion

Facebook plugins for WordPress

Have you ever considered all the possibilities and opportunities if Facebook and WordPress could work together?

Both platforms have their particular strong suits for business.

Facebook is the most popular social channel and has become an essential part of social media marketing. You can easily showcase your products, generate fresh leads, and engage with prospects more personally.

While WordPress websites can depict your business more conveniently, people can be clear about your policies, products, and services. Additionally, you can provide valuable knowledge to your prospects through a dedicated blog section.

WordPress and Facebook can act as your strongest digital billboard; together, they can open the door of limitless possibilities for your virtual presence.

But how can these completely different platforms work together?

The answer is simple: with Facebook plugins for WordPress websites.

This article will discuss the most intriguing plugins that can take your marketing strategies and online presence to a new height.

Let’s get started.

What is a Facebook plugin for WordPress?

A Facebook plugin is software for WordPress websites that can fetch data from accounts and pages and display them on your website. That’s the basic idea, but obviously, there’s more to it!

It’s not just displaying feeds; a Facebook plugin for WordPress offers more functionality. Most plugins will let you tailor the embedded feed, including layout customization, filter options, number of posts to show, etc.

Additionally, they will automatically update the integrated page whenever you upload new content from your Facebook. In other words, A Facebook plugin is a bridge between the platform and WordPress.

How can Facebook plugins for WordPress be beneficial for your business?

If your Facebook and WordPress are not connected yet, your business is getting some heavy blows, and you are not even seeing it.

For instance, you are missing out on opportunities to connect with a whole new range of prospects, generate new leads, and hurt your total revenue in the end.

Some of the key benefits of Facebook plugins for WordPress websites are:

  • Face plugins are sure to improve your brand visibility. You can display your Facebook account in front of your website visitors and allow them to connect your brand through the platform.
  • You can increase Facebook followers through multiple channels. The audience visiting your profile from your site is most likely to follow you.
  • A Facebook feed plugin can actively reduce your bounce rate. People who find a well-maintained feed will naturally be interested and stick to your site for a more extended period.
  • You can make visual improvements on your site by adding a Facebook album feed.
  • You can embed Facebook event feeds on your site on special occasions to create better engagement and increase user participation.
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What are the different types of Facebook plugins?

Now, let’s discuss what features and functionalities to expect if you embed a Facebook feed on your WordPress website.

If you are familiar with the functions of Facebook, you will see plenty of features to avail. For example, you can create text-based posts, upload photos, make albums, create events, and get reviews.

WordPress repository has a wide range of plugins that cover all the functions of Facebook. Some plugins offer multiple functionalities from a single dashboard, while others provide one or two specific functionalities.

Based on functionalities, Facebook plugins for WordPress websites can be categorized into the following types:

  • Facebook feed plugins for WordPress: These types of plugins are usually multifunctional. They provide connecting pages, customized feeds, and filter options, showing album feeds, etc.
  • Facebook review plugins for WordPress: These plugins are usually basic review plugins that can display your Facebook page reviews along with other platforms.
  • Facebook Messenger plugin for WordPress: The Facebook Messenger plugin is basically a form of chat plugin that lets you create chat widgets on your site to provide fast and responsive customer support.

What are the top 8 Facebook plugins for WordPress?

Here comes the star section! We have reviewed many Facebook plugins for WordPress, tested them, and checked their functionalities. Then, we have summarized the top 8 plugins for you. Have a look at our listing and see which would be the best for you!

WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja undoubtedly deserves the first spot in our list of best Facebook plugins for WordPress for a valid reason. This all-in-one social media plugin provides everything a Facebook plugin should have.

WP Social Ninja

Remember the types of Facebook plugins for WordPress we mentioned above? If so, WP Social Ninja can replace the necessity of three plugins and provide all the features from a single dashboard! Additionally, this plugin is shortcode supported.

Key features of WP Social Ninja:

  • Multiple Accounts: You can connect multiple accounts with WP Social Ninja. It’s good for businesses that maintain multiple accounts.
  • Multiple Feeds: You have the full flexibility to customize and choose your desired feed types. For example, you can embed your entire timeline or choose to embed your Facebook event feed, album feed, photo, or video feed. Anything you wish!
  • Advanced Filter: WP Social Ninja offers advanced filter options to tailor your feed conveniently. You can choose the number of posts you want to display, show or hide a post based on specific keywords, select a timeline for your posts, and much more.
  • Social Sharing: You can add a share button on your embedded page’s header or footer. This feature will allow visitors to share your profile from their personal accounts. This is a huge promotional advantage.
  • Full Customization and Advanced Styling: You can customize your feed down to the last element. With its advanced styling option, you can customize any section’s font, color, spacing, and spacing.
  • Messenger Chat Widget: With its exclusive chat widgets, you can connect with your prospects more personally. You can add and customize a Messenger chat box, create personalized greetings, schedule offline times, and more.

This dynamic plugin will replace the need for at least three different plugins for Facebook:

  • Facebook feed plugin
  • Facebook review plugin
  • Facebook Messenger chat plugin

Moreover, Facebook feed is just one feature of its plugin. WP Social Ninja will let you collaborate with 30+ social platforms, is lightweight, and is super easy to use. 

You can connect your Instagram and Youtube feed, embed reviews from 10+ platforms, including WooCommerce, and many more, add custom testimonials, create chat widgets with 15+ platforms, add notification popups, and create your shoppable Instagram feed.

Check out the Feature Page for more details.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you design outstanding customer experiences.

Discover WP Social Ninja features

Widget for Social Page Feeds

The Widget for Social Page Feeds is a minimalistic Facebook page plugin for WordPress. The specialty of this plugin is that it functions in the form of a simple widget.

Widget for Social Page Feeds

This plugin is fast and easy to set up. Moreover, it offers some good functionalities for WordPress websites.

Key features of Widget for Social Page Feeds:

  • This plugin is super lightweight and functions in the form of a widget. This makes it a good choice for websites that are loaded with plugins.
  • Widget integration provides great mobility. That means you can place the widget in places like the header, footer, or sidebar.
  • After the connection is built,  some of your recent posts will be displayed, and you can apply some filters for customization.

Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat

This plugin is a dedicated Facebook Messenger chat plugin for WordPress. WordPress chat plugins are a popular medium for providing customer support and connecting with new prospects.

Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat

Key features of Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat:

  • You can respond to your prospects quickly from your dashboard with this plugin. And customers can talk to you directly from their messenger apps.
  • The chat box can be customized to match the brand’s voice, and you can set welcome messages and show your chat icon based on location.
  • Both you and customers can see the entire chat history.

Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is a form of social media feed plugin. Along with other social media feeds, this plugin allows the integration of Facebook feeds on WordPress websites.

Feed Them Social

Key features of Feed Them Social:

  • This plugin allows you to connect multiple accounts and customize the feeds. That means you can create as many social feeds as you want.
  • You can customize fonts and other elements from the dashboard. Moreover, you can display feeds on pages, sidebar, or any post.
  • But you can not show reviews and create chat widgets with this plugin.

Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream

The Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream can be a good Facebook feed plugin for WordPress. Basically, it’s a social wall media aggregator that allows the creation of social walls along with some popular social media platforms.

Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream

Key features of Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream:

  • You can create social walls with this plugin. That means you can show content from multiple platforms on a single page.
  • This plugin provides a lot of pre-made templates and adds a Facebook pixel code directly to your site. Moreover, filter options are available.

Fancy Comments WordPress

Fancy Comments WordPress is a social comment plugin that allows visitors to comment on your site using their Facebook account. Though the default WordPress comment section may seem sufficient, this plugin can offer expanded functionalities.

Fancy Comments WordPress

Key features of Fancy Comments WordPress:

  • This plugin can display Facebook comments with additional custom features. You can apply different fonts and customize the comment box.
  • You can display the comment box on any page you like, and it’s compatible with BuddyPress, BBpress, and WooCommerce.

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed is a popular Facebook plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, you can fetch feeds from multiple pages and groups. Visitors can react to your posts from within the site.

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

Moreover, you can customize your embedded feed and display as many posts as you like. You can compose different elements of your feed according to your brand’s voice. Additionally, you can embed photo albums, create carousels, and more.

10 Web Social Post Feed

This plugin can embed Facebook feeds using widgets, and you can add feeds on the sidebars without creating any distractions. 

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

This plugin is good for displaying any specific post. Moreover, it is lightweight and provides multiple feed layout templates. There are many pre-made templates, and you can display unlimited posts using this Facebook plugin for WordPress.

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How can you add the best Facebook plugin for WordPress on your site?

If you have come this far and checked out our list of best Facebook plugins for WordPress websites, WP Social Ninja definitely ranks first in terms of functionality and versatility. In this section, we will show how you can connect your page with this plugin.

First, Install and activate WP Social Ninja. You can do that in two ways:

  • From your Dashboard
  • From WordPress Repository

Here’s how to install it from your Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the WordPress Admin panel. From the WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New
  • Next, on the search input field, type WP Social Ninja and wait for a moment for it to come up
  • Now click on the Install Now button
  • Then Activate

Afterward, go to your dashboard’s Platforms section and select Facebook. Then, click on the Continue with Facebook button.

Facebook configuration page

Ensure you are logged in to your device with your Facebook account. If it is your first integration, click on the Edit Settings button.

Settings option for Facebook feed integration

Then, select the page you want to connect to and hit the Next button.

Page selection option

Enable all the permission options and click the Done button.

Allow option confirmation page

After that, you have successfully connected your page with WP Social Ninja.

Connection confirmation page

For customization, select the Add New Template button and build your own customized template. You have the full control.

Add New Template page

Final takeaway

Facebook and WordPress can be the most amazing duo for any kind of business. Besides generating lots of new traffic, Facebook plugins for WordPress websites can improve the overall impression of your business.

When these two platforms are connected, they are bound to open new doors for the rapid promotion of your brand, boost credibility, create more engagement, and, most importantly, generate greater revenue.

Try the plugin you find most suitable and make your business fly with success. We are leaving the final call to you. All the best.

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