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7 Effective Black Friday Marketing Strategies in 2023 (Must-Try)


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Looking for the best Black Friday marketing strategy that you can apply to your business this year?

Adapting some exceptional and effective methods may ensure you can achieve the milestone to boost your sales. And definitely, some strategies will never fail you if you choose to follow them wisely.

And here again, the concern is that most marketers walk the same way and try to get the same result. Hence, this indeed requires you to crack some unique tricks to stay ahead of all of them.

We’ll be unboxing those pro tips, including some common and maybe something new for you that you’ll find as the best Black Friday marketing strategies you must try in 2023.

7 Black Friday marketing strategy ideas

There are different Black Friday marketing strategies available in the market but all the ideas may not be useful for every business. Here we have shared the top 7 effective ideas for your small business as if your business can generate huge sales. The following Black Friday marketing strategies are:

1. Deals through social media marketing

If you ask what can be the game changer for boosting your sales, using social media platforms to inform people about your deals is the most effective way.

Since people tend to believe whatever they see on social media and invest a huge amount of time in it, it’s your chance to drive your online sales by showing that your business is actively present on social media.

To promote your deals, Use your Instagram shop/ Facebook shop to let people know you offer a good discount on your products. If you’re maintaining an online store, this could be a great weapon to boost your sales! Even you can use the Shoppable Instagram feed feature to display and generate sales from this social media platform. But don’t forget to consider social media black Friday posts.

You should pick this Black Friday marketing strategy not because other businesses follow the same, but instead, consider it a mandatory term that should be kept in the first place. 

2. E-mail marketing campaign

Next campaigning through email marketing would be your other best weapon to beat the battle.

Your audiences are always in search of some sales or discounts. Your email marketing would be the most exciting thing by which you can keep the anticipation on till the big day.

So, set your email marketing campaign plan as one of the best Black Friday marketing strategies and start sending emails from an early period of the month when people start getting the smells of the special day.

Email Marketing Automation Tool

So, set your email marketing campaign plan as the Black Friday email marketing strategy and start sending emails from an early period of the month when people start getting the vibe of the special day. Additionally, you can use the FluentCRM to ensure that your email campaigns will reach people’s inboxes.

3. Creative Black Friday campaigns

Since you are planning for the best Black Friday marketing strategy, running some social media campaigns is the first thing that comes to the list. 

If you look at the top brands and what they are doing for Black Friday promotion, you can see how they promote their sales through the best Black Friday campaigns. Here’s how Prime Video promoted the NFL Black Friday Football game on their platform as a creative Black Friday campaign.

Most Black Friday advertising efforts go on for several days. Many businesses start their four-day promotional period on Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Some big-box stores even begin earlier, towards the end of October or the beginning of November. But, it’s up to you how long you choose to run your campaign.

4. Use of Black Friday hashtags

Most likely, users will use them to discover additional Black Friday offers. Selling products like clothing, electric devices, or anything frequently the subject of numerous online searches—works best with this concept as the Black Friday marketing strategy.

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You have a chance to use Black Friday to connect with social media users. Using hashtags, you may connect with customers looking for Black Friday offers and direct them to your products and services.

To target your customers searching for offers, you can use the trending Black Friday hashtags #BlackFriday, #blackfridayshopping or #blackfridaydeals, and so on.

Besides using hashtags on your posts, you can decorate your website template with hashtag feeds.

5. Prepare your website for Black Friday

Prepare your website! To fully prepare for the Black Friday campaign, you must also pamper your business website. If you are already concerned about this, make sure you have noted the important key points for your black Friday marketing campaign ideas.

First, eCommerce sites buzz on Black Friday as they compete for a spot on Google’s main page. Your website must be optimized for online consumers in order to rank. As more people use their phones to shop for the holidays, you should also ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. In case you have no clue how to implement this, you can apply to a SaaS marketing agency for assistance.

With the user experience, what comes on the list is to decorate the whole site. Make your site look ready for offering Black Friday deals; you can update your pricing table also if you want to, availing a Black Friday discount code and offering anything that keeps your audience scrolling more and browsing your pages!

For instance, last year, tech giants like Apple focused on their website visualization by featuring their products. The advertisement was like this- if you buy anything from the sale product, you will be gifted with an Apple gift card; The offer was validated for four days, starting from Black Friday.

Black Friday marketing strategy examples: Apple website preparation for Black Friday

There’s still something that you shouldn’t overlook—the blog section.

Ideally, your website’s blogs are regularly updated with high-quality, interesting content. If not, start writing. A regularly updated blog with informative information encourages users to return to your website and strengthens your brand. 

6. Showcase your social proof 

Till now, you’ve seen the strategies that help to boost your sales through promoting your products in the name of a special day.

But do you know you still have the chance to level up your sales one step ahead, that too without marketing your product? If you haven’t thought about it, it’s time to consider it again to get the best from this Black Friday marketing strategy.

The brand value you already have created, it’s up to you how you will utilize it; or say with this how you make your marketing more worthy. Showcasing your brand value through social proof this Black Friday season is the best way to crack that.

To make this process super smooth and crazy you can use WP Social Ninja and display your social feeds like from Facebook, Instagram, and others. You can even display your user reviews from 10+ platforms like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Yelp, and others. The plugin has also 15+ social chat widgets to answer the users’ inquiry.

WP Social Ninja – The all-in-one social media plugin for WordPress

So keep consistent on your social media activities, and give informational or interesting facts about the upcoming event in your social media posts. This will keep your audience’s interest in your daily updates.

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Don’t forget this is the best time to empower your brand identity this holiday season!

7. Check up on your customer after the Black Friday marketing

And lastly. Follow-up! Yes, just promoting your sales throughout the Black Friday season doesn’t end here!

It’s really a victory for you if you can get a satisfactory profit by implementing the best Black Friday marketing strategy. But you can only say you’ve made it completely once you ensure checking up on your customers even after Black Friday. 

However, you should take it as a concern as you have a chance to turn your one-time purchasers into lifelong potential customers. And that’s possible through just post-event customer care. Shopify explained how the customer lifetime value drops after the Black Friday season. 

On the bright side, you can improve your customer’s experiences by appreciating them with SMS, sending emails, and getting feedback from them through a quick survey. By putting in the effort to get in touch with clients, you prove that your company genuinely values their trust and is dedicated to offering a pleasant user experience.

Final words for Black Friday marketing strategies

All things aside, we hope the creative Black Friday marketing ideas for your business we’ve mentioned above will definitely help you identify some quick business wins.

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Most importantly, instead of only focusing on making profits, let’s use Black Friday 2023 as the best marketing experience ever! Maintain your drive, set your objectives, and relish each of those best Black Friday marketing strategies to give a boost to your business. If you want then you can also use almost all the Black Friday marketing ideas for the Cyber Monday marketing.

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