EmbedSocial Alternative: WP Social Ninja vs. EmbedSocial (2023)

EmbedSocial Alternative: WP Social Ninja vs. EmbedSocial (2024)


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Deciding the right plugin for your WordPress website is not an easy task if you have to choose between two competent social media plugins. If you’re looking for the finest Embed Social alternative, WP Social Ninja would be the best pick for you.

And how to decide that? In this article, you’ll find out what makes you choose the right one between these two tough competitive social media plugins. 

For choosing a perfect social media plugin, you need to keep a few things in mind that fulfill all the needs of your website. EmbedSocial and WP Social Ninja are both social media tools that have the competence that can easily be anyone’s priority when it comes to picking the right social media solution.

Nevertheless, we’ll make you select the best from the best lists. So let’s get to the topic of the best Embed Social alternative;

WP Social Ninja vs. Embedsocial reviews smackdown!

Overview: WP Social Ninja vs. EmbedSocial

EmbedSocial and WP Social Ninja both come with their unique characteristics and special features. But before going deeper, let’s have a short overview;

WP Social Ninja

An all-in-one social media plugin, well-known for empowering thousands of small businesses. The purpose of this plugin is to serve a website at its best when someone needs a social media solution without installing multiple social media tools. 

For businesses that have more than two or three social media handles, WP Social Ninja is a bonus for them; as it’s associated with 30+ social platforms. The main functionalities feature embedding social media feeds, social media reviews,s, and social chat widgets to a website. 

This work is like decorating a website with all the necessary elements from scratch and organizing them according to your website, without any help of coding knowledge.

Apart from these, you’ll find this amazing social media plugin made to ease the work of any e-commerce business website with features like an Instagram shoppable feed, Notification Popups, Testimonials, real-time synchronization, customizing templates, and so on!


EmbedSocial is a social media plugin that claims to be the #1 user-generated content platform. That is its purpose is to showcase user-generated content on a website.

Like other social media solutions, this one also claims to serve in multipurpose of a website; which enables a website to display social media feeds, reviews, albums, and stories. 

EmbedSocial has several social platform integrations as well, like Facebook, Twitter feed, Instagram feed, TikTok, YouTube, and Vimeo. 

EmbedSocial products page

Starting in 2016, the plugin began its journey with the Facebook notification-sending service. And by the time it has grown its service range expanding the features to give a proper social media solution.

The popularity of EmbedSocial is no less than any other popular social media plugin. It’s one of the top-ranked plugins that anyone could choose for their WordPress website.

Features: WP Social Ninja vs. EmbedSocial

Though both plugins serve a similar purpose to businesses; they have similar functionalities and some dissimilarities too in functionalities. 

Between WP Social Ninja and EmbedSocial, to make it more specifically distinguish let’s summarize the features and see how you find the EmbedSocial alternative performs.

Social feeds

It’s great to have social media handles for your website. But have you ever thought about how you manage to display them all on your website?

WP Social Ninja allows you to introduce your website visitors to your social media presence. Even if your audience isn’t familiar with your social media profiles, you can make them visit your profile right from your website by integrating this social media plugin.

About EmbedSocial, this one is also great for embedding your social wall to the website. Also, it performs as a social media aggregator for any WordPress website.

Takeaway: Both plugins have a similar feature. If you like to beautify your website with social media content of any platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok feed with customizable features, WP Social Ninja would be the best option.

And if you need a social media aggregator with customizable options, EmbedSocial would be a great option for you.

Social reviews

The finest social media tools include this as a must-have feature because social reviews are valuable to your company and speak volumes about your goods and services.

WP Social Ninja has the most incredible functionalities in this aspect if you inquire about what it offers in this area. Because you can fetch all reviews from social platforms and put them on your website, whether it’s a Google-based online business, a Yelp-listed restaurant, a Tripadvisor-listed travel website, an Airbnb-listed lodging service, or any entertaining social media site like Facebook.

One of the fundamental functionalities of EmbedSocial is to display and manage reviews from all of your social platforms. It offers widgets that you can develop and adapt to match the look of your website.

EmbedSocial is known as one of the greatest other social media tools for creating social reviews that are online. Their system offers everything necessary for setting up a reviews widget, and almost all required social media platforms are covered here.

So, who wins when you contrast WP Social Ninja and EmbedSocial for this feature? Since both employ nearly identical working measures to accomplish the same goals in this context, we shall say both.

Social chat

Another WP Social Ninja feature that outperforms EmbedSocial is the social chat widget. This function is at the top of the list of necessary social media features.

Adding a social chat widget on your website shows that you provide excellent customer service. Your commitment to listening to and acting upon consumer input is demonstrated by this.

Anyone, whether a first-time visitor or a regular customer, may have questions about your product or may need your assistance in order to use your service. To let them know you’re accessible and available for your clients at all times, display a contact widget.

You can add one of more than 15+ chat widget platforms from WP Social Ninja to your website. Along with connecting your social networks to your website, you also have the power to customize the appearance of your online chat according to your needs.

Conclusion: WP Social Ninja is obviously the better option because EmbedSocial doesn’t offer a social chat feature.


Testimonials are equally crucial to have on your website as social media reviews are. Whereas reviews continue to be an important part of creating social proof for your company, testimonials increase your trustworthiness.

WP Social Ninja leaves no stone unturned when enhancing your online business on social media and other channels. Additionally, it provides the option for testimonials to be added to the website here.

By using the client testimonials you receive, you may design and personalize your social media proof in the same way that you obtain other benefits of showcasing social feeds and social reviews without installing any other plugins.

WP Social Ninja provides simple instructions for writing testimonials that include all of your client’s information and are shown wherever you want them to be in order to do this.

For details, read the blog: How to Add Beautiful Testimonials in WordPress Websites

The winner, in this case, is WP Social Ninja because EmbedSocial does not have that feature.

Notification Popup

What else does a website require besides social feeds, social reviews, social chat, and testimonials? If you believe that is all WP Social Ninja has to offer, let us remind you that there is more.

Notification Popup, which may go by another name for various plugins, works to grab a website visitor’s attention by displaying the greatest ratings, and it does so without even directing them to another page.

You must use an additional WordPress plugin if you wish to include such a function on your website. However, you don’t have to do that if you have WP Social Ninja. The service you would receive from any other notification plugin is made possible by its Notification Popup function.

Embed social, also has this feature, where every time you get reviews from your business website, get a notification alert too. 

For the notification feature, you can say both EmbedSocial and WP Social Ninja are playing an amazing role.

Custom style editor

For customizing the template it would need some changes in the CSS file or having another theme builder on the WordPress website. 

WP Social Ninja has its own custom editor panel, where you’ll get plenty of customizing options to edit the style of every element of your template. And that’s how you don’t have to work on your CSS or get any other add-ons to modify anything when needed.

Complete Custom Style Editor for Your Website (No CSS or Theme Builders)

And about Embed Social, has also in-depth customization options and layouts, that will allow you to customize your theme according to your website. 

So, if you’re choosing the best EmbedSocial alternative for customizing and modifying your website templates, without any doubt you can rely on WP Social Ninja. 

Instagram shop feed

Another demanding feature, that can beat Embed Social is the shopping feature on the website. WP Social Ninja has such a feature that lets its users shop right from the website.

In short, if you want to redirect your website visitors from the shop pages, posts on any business site, or your social media posts where you’re selling your product, this feature is a bonus.

For details, read the blog: Double Your Sales with Shoppable Instagram Feed (Set Up & More)

Through WP Social Ninja’s Instagram shopping, you can collect new leads and give your business a new boost. This will make your job smoother!

On the contrary, EmbedSocial doesn’t have such a feature. So, it’s a win for WP Social Ninja. 

Facebook album

Your audiences are mostly fond of your visual content. So if you want to catch their attention mostly on your website, you need to beautify your website with social media photo content in the best possible ways.

Your social media handle, Facebook could contain multiple albums. If you ask about what’s the role of Embed Social and WP Social Ninja here, both plugins will let you bring the Facebook album feed to your website. 

In comparison, if you want to display your Facebook albums and get them customizable, you can choose WP Social Ninja without any second thought.

But, if you wish to showcase all your social media albums on your website just like Facebook then you can find EmbedSocial as a social media aggregator tool. 

Facebook event

How many times do you have to boost your Facebook event for maximum reach? We know, that if it demands such investment, you really should.

But what if you can do it organically in the smartest way? Showcasing your Facebook event is the way you can remind your customers about your upcoming events and all.

And just this way, not only your customers, also your new website will get to know what you are going to offer in your next event. To get your website maximum traffic and new followers on Facebook, WP Social Ninja will allow you to do this in some simple steps.

Takeaway: EmbedSocial doesn’t have this feature in their list. So WP Social Ninja gets one more score here!  

Pricing: WP Social Ninja vs. EmbedSocial

And then the most important thing is “the cost”. 

Deciding on a social media plugin for running a business handle for the long term is not easy. Above all the comparisons on all the features and functionalities, you need to choose the right pick that meets your budget.

As you’re going to invest, then why compromise choosing the best social media plugin? Well, let’s check the pricing comparison on WP Social Ninja vs. EmbedSocial;


EmbedSocial pricing

The above-mentioned pricing structure is of Embed Social. They have categorized the pricing according to the criteria of features. 

For example, if you want to get their EmbedReviews feature, you have three packages. According to your plan and the packages offer, you can choose any of them. 

Just like this, for other features, you can choose the right package.

But for WP Social Ninja, the scenario is different.

WP Social Ninja

Pricing table of WP Social Ninja
Pricing table of WP Social Ninja

The superpowering tool doesn’t cost you individual pricing for individual pricing. Rather, as it’s called an all-in-one social media plugin, it proves it here too when it’s about pricing.

WP Social Ninja comes with both free and premium versions. You can get the social media feeds feature in its free version if you don’t have a plan for paying temporarily; not all premium features but you’ll get some basic functionalities in the free version.

And if you get all the premium features in one go, go for the pro version that comes in three packages which is much cheaper than any other high-performing social media tool in the market.

To choose between the free and pro versions, read the blog:

WP Social Ninja Free vs. Pro: Which is The Best for You?

Takeaway: EmbedSocial made it easier for customers who want to pay for a specific product. Whereas, one can get all the premium and unlimited features on all products when they buy WP Social Ninja. 

For example, EmbedSocial is offering $29 for social reviews per month in the starter package. If you want to have other functionalities on your website then you will have to pay again for the specific feature or install other addons.

On the other hand, for a single license, WP Social Ninja gives all facilities on all products for only $44/year. You can see the difference yourself!

So in this case, pay wisely by choosing the right EmbedSocial alternative.

Final verdict: WP Social Ninja or EmbedSocial?

From the above comparisons, it does not seem difficult to choose the perfect social media plugin from WP Social Ninja or EmbedSocial, does it?

Both plugins are doing amazingly what they’re supposed to do. But if you ask for an expert suggestion, the answer would always be the plugin which is user-friendly and affordable at the same time.

However, if you’re looking for a social media plugin that will serve you for a single purpose of your website and is also ready to pay for other functionalities regarding social media solutions, you can go for EmbedSocial.

And if you want to get the most user-friendly, lightweight, and all-in-one social media plugin at the lowest price, you cannot find any other better alternative to WP Social Ninja!

Bottom line

Still confused? Then, it’s time to try WP Social Ninja now!

We know how challenging it is to get the perfect plugin when you search for it on the internet. But as you are here, you are at the place.

Who doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to get a plugin with unlimited features that anyone ever wanted for a WordPress website? We hope you won’t too.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Stay connected with WP Social Ninja by following our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels. 

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